You knew that childhood would bring some bumps and bruises, but now your little one has fallen off his bike and chipped his tooth. Ouch! Or you look in the mirror and notice the stains of the last decade’s worth of cappuccinos. Ugh. Or your early adolescent’s teeth are making her very self-conscious about her appearance, not mention making you concerned about the health of her bite. Or, right before your oldest is set to go to college out-of-state, he feels the ache of an erupting wisdom tooth. We don’t plan these scenarios, but they happen anyway. How ideal for you if you could go to just one dentist in Brooklyn, NY to answer all these needs and more?

That one dentist is right here in the borough. A revolution in the way your dentist in Brooklyn NY provides care has transformed Brooklyn’s expectations of dentistry. Moreover, the technology at your Brooklyn dentist’s disposal enables that medical professional to diversify expertise and creatively apply preventative, cosmetic, orthodontic, and a myriad of other solutions to all your needs.

Ariyana Dental is your dentist in Brooklyn NY who leads the way in this dental health revolution. Dr. Arthur Abdiyev and his accomplished, professional staff are passionate about answering all your dental questions and giving you treatments and solutions that empower you to live your best and most active life with a winning, confident smile. Visit Ariyana Dental for a consultative, preventative-care appointment and discover what this new American tradition in dentistry can do for you.

Whether you need emergency dental care, preventative care, or long-term cosmetic dental solutions, Ariyana Dental is your complete dentist in Brooklyn NY. Dr. Abdiyev and his expert staff give you welcoming and expert care in all areas of dentistry. We employ state-of-the-art technology and treatments to ensure that your dental experience is comfortable and pain-free. Whether you are looking for routine cleanings or the latest in orthodontia, Ariyana Dental gives you expertise, sensitivity, and outstanding care, right here in your neighborhood. Contact us at 718.703.2020 or visit us on the web at

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