Whether you’ve been in an accident or altercation that left you with a missing tooth or teeth, or you’ve dealt for years with a gap in your smile and chewing habits, dental implants in Brooklyn could be the ideal solution for you. A dental implant is a durable artificial tooth that is fused directly into your jawbone, just like your natural tooth. The procedure is much less time-consuming than the creation of a bridge or partial and means less wear on your surrounding teeth. And the ideal place to find the best dental implants in Brooklyn is at your local full-care dental center.

The latest technological breakthroughs have made it possible for your dentist—and not a specialist—to actually do dental implants in one or two visits what it takes weeks of painstaking stages to accomplish with bridgework. A bridge uses your surrounding teeth as an anchor for a false tooth that fills the gap, and that bridgework, made of metal, of course wears into those surrounding teeth, compromising their health. Dental implants actually replace the lost tooth and gain their foundation like your old tooth did, the way Mother Nature intended it—from your jaw.

Dr. Arthur Abdiyev of Ariyana Dental is a master at informing you about all the advantages of dental implants. He and his expert staff of welcoming professionals have provided many satisfied patients with the surety and confidence of worry-free chewing and a smile that leaves nothing wanting. Look them up for the best dental implants in Brooklyn.

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