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    Dental Crowns

    Dental crowns are tooth-shaped structures used to cover the teeth and provide them protection and/or restore their shape and structure. The most common reason for placing a dental crown is to provide protection for a tooth weakened by decay or any other cause, holding a broken tooth together, and so on. They are sometimes use to mask different visual defects of a tooth, as well as for making a dental bridge or covering a dental implant. Permanent dental crowns can be made of metal, ceramic, resin, or porcelain materials. Temporary crowns are made of acrylic. Porcelain crowns are popular as they can match the natural tooth color more closely than other materials can.

    NOTE: The next two passages speak of the same-day crowns and the crowns that take 2-3 weeks to make). I didn’t know which of these services you provide, so I wrote about both. Please delete the passage you don’t need. In case you offer both options, please contact me so that I could rewrite the two passages into one that will include both options.

    Option No. 1 – Same-Day Crowns:

    Our office is equipped to make and place a dental crown same day, since we have the technology that allows us to make the crown in less than 15 minutes. That is why placing dental crown at our office takes only one visit and does not require using a temporary crown. After we have prepared your tooth by removing some of the enamel (which is done under local anesthesia), we make a mold of the tooth and start making the crown immediately. The process of making the crown is finished, and the crown ready for placing in less than 15 minutes. There will be no need for a temporary crown, second visit, or anything like that. Your dental crown is made and completely installed on the spot.

    Option No. 2 – Temporary Crowns:

    Placing a crown at our office is very simple. All you need is too short visits. During the first visit, we examine and prepare the tooth for placing the crown, by removing some of the enamel under local anesthesia. Thanks to the anesthetic, the process is absolutely painless. After the tooth has been properly prepared, we make a mold of it, and install a temporary crown. The mold is then sent to technicians who will make the permanent crown. That process is usually completed within 10-15 days, and during that period, your tooth will be completely protected by the temporary crown. After the permanent crown has been made, you visit us for the second time. We remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent one.

    NOTE: The next passage is the last passage for any of the two versions of the text

    Dental crown do not require any special care, although it would be wise to give some extra attention to the area around the crown when brushing and flossing your teeth.



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