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    Clear Ceramic Braces

    Clear braces are actually just a type of ceramic braces, characterized by the use of brackets that are very translucent (see-through). Standard ceramic braces use brackets that are less translucent – they have a shade of white similar to the one of your teeth. Therefore, the only difference between the regular and clear ceramic braces is the color of their brackets. That is why choosing which of the two types is best for you depends on the color of your teeth. In general, teeth that have regular or darker color are more suitable for the use of standard ceramic braces, whereas brighter teeth usually call for clear braces. In any case, you will need to visit our office for an exam in order for us to see which type of braces is the best choice for you.

    Since clear braces are a type of ceramic braces, we will say something about ceramic braces in general. Ceramic braces (including clear braces) are much more popular alternative to traditional metal braces, as they are harder to notice by other people. This may seem as a trivial matter, but actually is quite important, as many people lose a lot of confidence when wearing braces that are too conspicuous (easy to notice). With harder-to-notice ceramic braces (including clear braces), this is prevented to a great extent, which means a lot for the person wearing the braces. The main difference between metal braces and ceramic braces is the color of their brackets – in most other aspects, they are quite similar. That is why people today usually prefer ceramic (including clear) braces, rather than the traditional metal ones.

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