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    ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

    Keeping our teeth their whitest, even by those of us committed to practicing dental responsibility marked by routine dental maintenance and regular dental cleanings, simply will never experience the kind of “double-take” looks enjoyed by a “Tom Cruise” or “Demi Lovato!”  Morning Lattes, fine wine, for some even the occasional cigar smoking tarnishes our once youthful “white smile.”  Moreover, even the healthiest of teens choosing fruit juices over soda still face the challenge of “real life” leaving our teeth lacking luster. Consider Zoom! Zoom! Teeth Whitening. 

    Restoring your natural white smile as an adult increase self-confidence, and whether we like it or not, could mean the difference in a raise, a promotion, even that ideal position at the firm you have recently wrangled an interview for in NYC!  As importantly, wanting to start high school or “going off to college” with a straighter, whiter smile; one that “pops” like your favorite character on “Glee” is nothing to feel ashamed of.  In fact, it’s absolutely a reasonable request in either scenario. More importantly, at Ariyana Dental, Brooklyn’s finest dentist, Dr. Arthur Abdiyev, DDS, is creating a “New American Tradition” where teeth whitening can be done affordably and quickly, pain-free, in a relaxed, spa-like, family atmosphere! Restore your natural color or go for as teeth whiter than you ever dreamed possible.

    ZOOM!. ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is completed in the center, headset on, ipad or droid tablet playing the movie you missed, listening to your favorite tunes, or while catching up on missed TV episodes!  Step into Ariyana Dental happy, and walk out 10 times happier and if you choose, 10 shades whiter with the Z00m! Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure!




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